Who, me??

I didn't do anything!

When I was thinking about the perfect pup, I wanted a little people lover with drive, who was full of play.  A little sass and sense of humor wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Careful what you wish for!

Des is a boy with moxie!  He wants to play and play and play.  And when you stop the play (say, to hold him still) he demands that the game continue.  He’s quite adamant about it, too.  Now, I thought…I’ve had Boxers.  If there is a hard-headed breed, it’s a Boxer, so I have the experience to show this baby that sometimes we need to sit still.  The problem is that Boxers are more than happy to sit next to you on the couch and watch reruns of Globe Trekker, even as babies.  They’re a playful breed tailor-made to those of us who think watching three movies in a row on an icy November day isn’t an unusual activity.

As a result, this week I decided to show Des that I can hold him still, that he can sit with me and the world still rotates.  He wasn’t convinced, and insisted that I stop being so boring. Then Duncan gave me a nudge and reminded me I’m dealing with an Aussie.  So in Aussie-speak (which is just English because obviously they speak it perfectly), I explained to Des that he needed to trust me, that in the years to come, I’m going to ask him to do some really weird things (like jumping through tires) and to just go with it.  Darned if the little guy didn’t just shoot me a look that plainly said “WHY didn’t you say so in the first place??!!”  And then he flopped upside down in my arms and went to sleep.

I LOVE these dogs!  So smart, so willing…and I know they can read your mind.

Last week Des was weighed at the vet.  At 12 weeks, he’s 9.2 lbs.  He’s also starting to get a little more body to go with his LONG legs.  Love his floppy ears!

I am cute. Feed me.


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