Reno, Here We Come!

Photo By Randy Gaines

2011.  Eight trials to earn 400 speed points.  Many miles, many cookies, many laughs and sometimes a few tears.  Days of sun, rain, skipped lunches, and lots of Duncan kisses.

It was a quest to earn our way to the National Agility Championships in Reno.  And now we’ll soon be on our way for the NAC trial taking place this weekend.  Our goal for the NAC is simply to run…to enjoy running together, and enjoy our dog and people friends.  Each time Dunc sails over that finish jump, grin on his face, I will try to remember to savor that moment, knowing how far Duncan has come, how brave he’s learned to be, and how much I love running this game with my boy.  I love this dog with all of my heart.  Thanks for running with me, little buddy.

Dunc with his "Clooney" expression...all squinty.


5 thoughts on “Reno, Here We Come!

  1. What a great accomplishment. When you stand at the start line with Duncan, think how proud you are of your boy. It is an honor and a privilege to be on that start line with your dog. I know I will be so proud to be there with Dani. And let’s all have a great time and Idahoans and Utahans!

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