Meet the Boys!

Welcome to Dunc and Des’s blog, a compilation of our canine adventures!

Duncan is my four year old Mini Aussie…a sweet boy and ball fetching machine.  He is the pup who opened my world to dog training beyond sit/stay/beg (that would be me begging for the sits and stays).  He has taught me patience, empathy and how to find different ways of finding success when the traditional way just wasn’t his speed.  He is my first agility dog, and we’ve been venturing all around the NW this year trialling up a storm.  He is a very special boy, who continually reminds me that running around agility courses is all about having fun with your special teammate.

Desmond is the new kid.  He is a baby Mini Aussie who came home to live with our pack in mid October and is quite full of himself.  In the coming months, I’ll be writing about new adventures working and playing with this fun loving and outgoing little boy (in between chasing him around the house trying to retrieve whatever object he just made off with).

Welcome to our adventure!


5 thoughts on “Meet the Boys!

  1. Hope, what a cleaver idea, like sharing you and your family on line. I enjoyed the new pictures. Keep up the good work. John

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