Why DuncanDes?

It’s probably no surprise that blogging is new to me.  I generally think that most people wouldn’t find my life to be all that interesting on a day to day basis, so have felt little need to write about it, let alone do so publicly.  This is a leap.

What would lead me to blog about my pups?  By going on continually about my fur family, people are going to realize how far I’ve fallen off the Crazy Dog Lady cliff!!  I’m certainly not trying to reinvent the training wheel (that would be dog training), and am no expert.  I have however, found my life to be irrevocably changed by the journey that Duncan has taken me on while we find our way in the agility and dog training world together.

In one sense, I’m giddy about the prospect of training Desmond, and want to share that with a few very Doggy friends who appreciate gratuitous puppy photos and training chatter.  And in another, I feel by writing about what I’m doing with Des is also a tribute to Duncan.  Without Dunc to show me the way, to forgive me for not knowing better and to gamely try anything new I’ve thrown at him, there would be no Desmond.  Then again, I’m sure Dunc would be just as happy without having to share his toys with a baby brother. With luck, that will change.

And if you’re wondering, I put a lot of thought into what to name this.  I considered all sorts of witty little plays on words and hidden meanings.  And laughed at myself, because that’s not really my style.  I call my boys Dunc and Des, just nicknames for their full names.  DuncAndDes looked silly, so Dunc(an’)Des it is.


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