Desmond, Ninja Puppy.

Little Brother? Not for long!

As you can see, baby brother Desmond is catching up to big brother Duncan in a hurry!

This afternoon, Des was playing with some toys, and showed me some of his tricky Ninja moves.  Maybe he’s been secretly watching the Matrix while we’re out of the room, because there was some serious “I know kung fu” action going on.  Whoa.

It starts innocently enough.  Just a puppy playing with a stick.

And then, our own fuzzy Jason Bourne appears…

Watch and learn, grasshopper.

Or maybe he was watching reruns of the Muppets and Miss Piggy?  Hi-YA!

Did I mention that I’m not throwing any of these toys?  He’s pitching these to himself!

mine. Mine. MINE!!

But, he’s still a baby, so I’ll hold off on calling the clandestine services for a while yet.

He’s a very sweet little boy when he’s not fighting the Earth’s gravitational pull.

Handsome Des


6 thoughts on “Desmond, Ninja Puppy.

  1. He is adorable! Actually, they are both adorable. These puppy years are so incredible (as well as occasionably exhausting). You are getting great pictures, Hope. Perhaps Gin and I could get you to scrapbook with us one of these days.

    Today is my last day in Phoenix. Gin’s looking forward to your visit or visits. I love your blog. Gin’s going to try to show me how to get your blogs as you post. It’s so fun to following your puppy journey.

    Mary Liz

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