Over the River and Through the Woods

We are thankful for our friends and family…and chewy toys, treats and lap snuggling.

For Thanksgiving this year, to Grandma’s house we went.  We all had a great time, full of running outside (for the pups) and eating as much seafood as possible (for the people).  As confirmed desert-dwellers, Angus, Lucy and Duncan spent as little time out in the coastal weather as possible, convinced that if they got wet, they would melt.  Des on the other hand as a fellow native Oregonian, decided dancing in the rain was a pretty fun thing to do…even when attacked by an umbrella.

Beach? Not today!

I had hopes of letting the Aussies run on the beach, but found the tide was in when we arrived.  With a winter storm brewing, waves were crashing into the foredune, and then as if on cue, rain began to fall, so we retreated to a nearby pine forest for a romp through the moss.   Not having lived near the coast in about 15 years, I’d watched the Twilight movies thinking the rain effects were excessive.  Let me tell you…they aren’t.  It’s wet here.  And really, really green!

Super Des!

Upon our return back to the land of sunny skies, short trees and moss-less roofs, the boys helped me plant garlic and shallots in the garden, two things I’ve managed to grow pretty well.  I can’t claim to be a gardening genius…we happen to live in a climate that garlic likes, and it’s a crop you plant and forget until you harvest it 8 months later.  Even I can’t mess that up!   I’m late in planting (it was agility or garden, and I picked my priority!) but not as late as I have been in the past.  Last year, I literally drilled holes into a block of frozen dirt to plant and darned if those little garlic cloves grew!

While outside, I practiced Desmond’s recalls.  Recipe for success = another dog that comes flying when I call (thank you Dunc) and a pocketful of kibble.  I am thankful for such a beautiful afternoon to share with my two boys.

Did someone call me?



3 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods

  1. I totally cracked up at the fact that you drilled holes in your frozen dirt, I would never have thought of that. I was too late and didn’t plant my garlic, I might just be too lazy to go out and try the drill. I will be sorry next year. I am loving all your pictures!

    • With the dry weather lately, I don’t think you’d need a drill to plant garlic even now. It was a complete experiment last year that surprisingly worked! Good luck, it’s worth it, and thanks for the comments!

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