Des at Four Months

I adore this picture.  It was taken when I visited the Aussie babies at six weeks.  Even then, Des was a little firecracker and practiced his kung-fu moves at every opportunity.  He’s not afraid of doing things in his own unique Des way.

Baby Des, six weeks, ninja in training.

Like sleeping.  Most pups would look at this soft, snuggly, den-like cube of sleeping happiness and curl up inside.  Does our Desmond?  No….he has his own ideas.  So there!  I have since found Lucy copying his style in the very same spot, so he must be onto something.

I figured out how to sleep with the cube all by myself.

Actually, it does look pretty comfy.  If they made these things in my size, I’d definitely give it a test nap.


Then again, napping is taking seriously in our house, and little Des found himself pressed into service while snoozing with Angus.  I think the Big Red Truck found himself a Little Merle Pillow.  <No one complained>

One of Desmond’s littermates was a sweet little fellow who had markings just like a panda. I didn’t notice baby Des giving little Ming the stink-eye in this picture until recently…

Baby Des and brother, six weeks

While on the surface they looked like loving brothers, evidently, some deeper feelings were being harbored…

Did you say uncle yet??

But seriously, Des adores his little Ming, and hauls him all over the house.  —> By his nose.

This week, Des was too busy to sit still for a group photo.  Shortly after this picture was taken, my hat (sitting on the ground behind me) was swiped, taken on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride around the yard, and then unceremoniously deposited in the field…traded off for a much more exciting clump of dirt.  At least I hope it was a clump of dirt…I’m just going to pretend it was a clump of dirt.

Dunc and Des, 16 weeks

Our little man had a big week.  He visited the vet for his 16 week check and weighs in at a spritely 11.4 pounds.  I suspect 10 of those pounds consist entirely of legs.  (Reference the stuffed panda photo above for proof).   We went to our first agility club practice, where he met several new friends.  I’m quickly learning that his skill in charming everyone out of the cookies in their pockets is second only to that of his much more practiced big brother, Duncan.

“Watch and learn, Grasshopper, there are many cookies to be mooched, and only cuteness is expected in return…”

He’s got that in the bag!


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